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The design for HOT HOT Nightclub fuses, in a contemporary way, elements inspired on the works of Scandinavian designer Verner Panton and his pop and humorous language, which set the tone for the 70's, with the characteristic brutalist architecture of the underground scene of Berlin's nightclubs and sex houses. The property was chosen after about 9 months of intensive research. Located in downtown São Paulo, the charming two-story building have 620 m2 of the Built area and it was completely abandoned for nearly two decades and fit perfectly the numerous requirements to house the HOT HOT project. The Built area is 620 m2 and the facade of the club received no intervention, highlighting the very action of time in the building, with its dilapidated appearance and graffiti. A 20 meters long tunnel of light connects the outside world and the HOT HOT universe. On the second floor we have the lounge, bar, cloakroom and restrooms. A graphic pattern based on the 70's, with an optical effect has been especially designed for this space. This pattern strikingly displays the color chart of the club, which varies between royal blue, cherry, orange, golden yellow and olive green. Also inspired in Panton, 3 huge mother of pearl light fixtures highlight the bar. No less impressive, the restroom is called "Golden Shower". On the ground floor are the dance floor, another bar, restrooms, VIP lounge and dressing room. The focus is on the dance floor with its innovative and unique Funktion One sound system. The light is provided by huge LED displays, which unfold through the entire ceiling, and enters the staircase area and the lounge upstairs, like a living organism. High technology and peeling walls, beams and roof merge in this environment, emphasizing the proposed project. The restrooms on this floor provide a different experience, with concrete elements, color and special lighting. This project presents the sensuous and sensory universe of HOT HOT, in a unique experience for electronic music lovers. Project: Guto Requena + Alexandre Nino Team: Arquiteta Fabiana Silveira, Arquiteto Rodrigo Kolton, Estagiária Telma Sugimoto, Estagiária Maria Carolina Bergocce Lighting Design: Lonardi Dona - Decomac Location: 570, Santo Antonio St., Bela Vista, Sao Paulo – SP - Brazil Photografer: Fran Parente

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